Jason Rohrer’s New Gamist Manifesto

by mikthom

At the just-concluded Art History of Games symposium in Atlanta, Jason Rohrer presented a new game “Sleep is Death” as a response to the deluded quest for AI-based storytelling in games. As part of his presentation of the game, he distributed a manifesto of game design principles to symposium attendees. This is the manifesto:

“New Gamist Manifesto

February 3, 2010

1. Games do not have spoilers.

2. Games cannot be finished.

3. Games do not have characters, except for the characters who play them.

4. Games do not have stories except for the stories that players tell through them.

5. Playing a new game is less like reading a new story, hearing a new song, or seeing a new film.

6. Playing a game is more like learning a new language.

7. Games are interfaces, not between minds and content, but between minds.”

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